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Our commitment to quality begins with our ingredients. We use only the freshest organic teas available, carefully sourced from our trusted partners at Letterbox Tea Co. Each batch of kombucha is carefully crafted in small quantities to ensure that you receive a premium product every time. The result is a delicious, refreshing beverage that is full of healthy probiotics and antioxidants – perfect for keeping you feeling great.


Our Story

It all started with our two beautiful children. We brought some kombucha home from the store, and the kids LOVED it. It became something we regularly had in our fridge.

We started a journey, reading and learning more about what kombucha is and how it's made, giving us the idea of brewing our own at home for the family. Through trial and error and the help of friendly opinions, we perfected our first flavors. What makes our kombucha special is that each of our bottled flavors is labeled with our children's hand-painted artwork. We wanted our logo to be dedicated to the two who started it all, Josie and Isaac, thus the joi logo was created. joi kombucha is brewed in small batches at Pilora's Cafe, located on Main street in Oshkosh WI 


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